We don't operate like most other bar companies when it comes to drinks which, we hope, makes us a bit better-than-average. As well are careful sourcing of our products, focusing on small, local suppliers and a more sustainable wine offer through our 12 tap wines, there are a few other things we do which set us apart.

In 2016 we opened our first bar, Martello Hall tucked away in Hackney, where we started distilling some gin in our copper still, Nicola. Over the years we opened more bars and added a small distillery each time, each with an HMRC Rectifiers License and bonded warehouse. In our latest Bar, Botanica Hall, we have a full production Urban Distillery & Tasting Room with our handsome new 200 litre copper still, Henry.

Our tiny distilleries now work in partnership under the Tiny Tower Liquor brand. We still produce, bottle & wax all of our liquors by hand in our bars, with eight small batch gins and one small batch vodka. We’ve won a few awards along the way too, twenty four in total and counting.

We have twelve wines on tap. Environmentally better, fresher each time and no oxidisation. They significantly reduce our carbon footprint with kegs that are reused, no glass bottle wastage and lower transportation costs. All round, it’s a better glass of wine.

Our tap beers are local, supporting smaller producers. We rotate them regularly, giving variety to customers and a chance for local beer companies to be on our bars. We don’t do deals with the big brands or have brand badges on our fonts, preferring to keep is local and flexible.

We have extensive cocktail list with dedicated Margarita and Martini ranges, as well as making classics on request. No pyrotechnics, just great quality ingredients and bartenders.

We discovered Absinthe in NYC dive bars and thought we’d like to do that. We serve our Absinthe in the traditional manner, from a fountain and dripped over ice.

We are exceptionally busy for hot-desking in the daytime which is why our coffee is just as important, with Caravan blending our coffee beans for us. We have only the best coffee machines, La Marzocco, which are handmade in Florence. We are proud to sell as many coffees every week as we do cocktails.

We make our own house juices and smoothies. We don't buy them in, but prefer to blend them from scratch in house, better quality by far.

The presentation of our drinks matters too. We spend hours sourcing the perfect glassware. I scour markets for vintage barware to grace our bar tops. Every Rum Punch Bowl that goes out at weekend brunch is served in a vintage crystal punch bowl bought at on-line auctions. Our beer is served in proper pint glasses with handles. Despite being sometime too delicate for our glass-wash, our wine glasses have a slim, tall stem as they feel much nicer to hold. Our tap wines are served in carafes handmade for us, each with a monogram of the bar stamped by hand.

PS. We also make our own limoncello in each of our bars too.