When setting the company up in the early days, we didn’t have an office or even a bar to work in. We spent a lot of time in coffee shops with our laptops and my rucksack was my office. After an hour or so, I would feel obliged to buy another coffee or move on. It was hard to find warm, free spaces to work without spending a fortune on unwanted coffee.

So, when we opened our first bar seven years ago, we set sail with hot-desking, before hot-desking was even a thing, before the pandemic changed the way we work forever. We opened our doors and invited people to come and work in our spaces. No obligation to buy anything, just rock up, take a seat and plug in.

Our hotdesking is fuss-free. We have lots of plug sockets and fast, free WiFi. If customers prefer they can buy a Hotdesk Pass which gets them bottomless coffee, seven days a week, to have in or take out. Or they can just take a seat and get to work.

We are well known in London as one of the best places to hotdesk and are busy every day with workers. Our hotdeskers are often regulars, friends of the team and are well looked after. They create buzz and vibrancy in our bars and are part of our DNA.