When we started out, there were a few markers we put down and they still are there today. We cook from scratch. If we can't make it in our kitchens then it doesn't make it on our menu. We don't have freezers, the only thing frozen in our business is ice.

We make everything daily in our kitchens from our pizza dough, meatballs and 12-hour slow beef ragu to our pestos, salsas and dressings. We slice our meats by hand every morning. We cook our pizza with natural fuel and have wood-fired and coal-fired ovens in all our bars (no gas or electric pizza ovens, not for us).

We moved to charcoal not wood in our recent pizza ovens, it's a cleaner form of cooking and more sustainable than gas. We continue to work with all of suppliers to reduce our carbon footprint.

Everything on our menu has been created to a quality that exceeds price, it’s a good yardstick. We cook with flavour not fuss. We don't charge the earth and are proud to still have our 'workers lunch' for our loyal hot-deskers; a hot Po'Boy cooked in our wood-ovens with our 72-hour fermented dough.

At the heart of our kitchens is our pizza and handmade pasta. Our pizzaiolos make our pizza dough in-house and ferment it for 72 hours. Our pasta is made from scratch every day and we serve a parmesan crisp with each bowl of pasta. We use proper Italian suppliers for our cured meats and cheeses. We only use San Marzano tomatoes and Fior Di Latte mozzarella. Our chefs also make our signature bomboloni (Italian doughnuts) every day.

Our vegan dishes have gone grown in strength and are made from scratch daily. Our Vegan Viking pizza is made with our own in-house cashew cheese. We make our vegan chicken from scratch as well as our vegan “nduja Gnocchi and Pistachio Arancini with Calabrian Chilli Sauce.

The quality of our food is at the heart of what we believe in. We are constantly tweaking our recipes, upgrading ingredients, creating new dishes and we taste and test our food every day.